BetMonster! Quick Get Started


1.Competitions Preferences

First of all , let's go to website and login. After login,  we go to "BetMonster!" by clicking menu on the right top of website.
We go to the Preferences page, here we can select all or part of the competitions according to our favorites. If you select some competitions, BetMonster! will only bet on the betting tips which are related to the competitions we selected.

2. Bookmaker and Strategy

Let's open the "Bookmaker and Strategy" page again.
1. The first one is Email Notification When Placing Bet Fails, if you choose Yes, the system will notify us by email when BetMonster bets fail.

2.We can set the scope of chance of the betting tips, and BetMonster will only bet the betting tips of the chance within this scope.

3. Obviously, choose your preferred bookmaker here, currentlly there are Marathonbet, 1xbet, Unibet, 888sport, Betcity, 22bet available, in the future more bookmakers will be added.
And you can also choose to trade at Betfair which is exchange market. This is optional.

4. The last one below is the preference for the bet stake. The Stake Multiple here is based on the multiple of the selection stake given by the SoccerIdea Betting tips.
Of course, currency is your currency on bookmaker.

Download BetMonster!

Go to Download

Go to [BetMonster!] , [Download].

BetMonster! Setting

1. Input Settings

In the main panel area of ZennoBox, there is a BetMonster! project,

click on the Input setting icon , and a settings page pops up.

You MUST FIRST fill in your username on the SoccerIdea.

Then switch to Marathonbet, enter your username, password, and the URL or your mirror. At the same time, the last option is to set whether to log in to the website after starting BetMonster!. The advantage of this feature is that it saves time for betting later.

1xbet, Unibet, and 888sport are the same methods for setting related information.
After all is done, submit OK.

2. Run Setting

Below the main panel is the boot settings for BetMonster!, which is how to run BetMonster!.

There are two ways to start BetMonster!.
A. Execution Count:
The first method is to manually add the number of executions, BetMonster! will automatically run according to the number of times added( Execution count set more than 0);

On the tab Settings, you make basic settings for running BetMonster!.
  • Execution count - indicates the number of BetMonster! executions.
  • Maximum # of threads - indicates the maximum number of threads for BetMonster! (simultaneous executions).
  • Priority - BetMonster! priority is selected (from Low to Critical). Priority threads may interrupt the instance request for less priority threads.
  • Labels - allows you to group BetMonster! by adding different labels to them.

B. Scheduler:
The second one is Scheduler, which is a fully automatic timing operation or stop method. We can set some parameters such as interval time, startup time, stop time or stop condition.

On the tab Schedule, you can customize time of BetMonster! execution:
Checkbox Enable is responsible for activating the scheduler.
Other Parameter:
  • Next start: - displays the date and time when BetMonster! was scheduled to start.
  • Add a number of attempts - adds the required number of attempts per launch of the scheduler.
  • Checkbox Reset successes count is responsible for resetting the success count from the tab Stop.
  • When to repeat
  • Beginning - indicates the date and time the scheduler was triggered.button to update the start time to the current one.
  • End:
  • Without end - the schedule will work continuously.
  • Complete after N repetitions - indicate the number of BetMonster! executions before shutdown.
  • End until - indicates the date and time when the scheduler has been triggered.

  • How often to repeat- indicates the frequency with which BetMonster! will be executed the number of times specified in the cell Add a number of attempts:
  • Every N minutes.
  • Every N day, at N time.
  • Every working day, at N time.

  • Show execution log- displays the log of the scheduler, where you can see when and what started on a schedule.

3. Instance Show

We always want to see how BetMonster! completes our task on the browser, so click [Show] button on Project panel as below:


When all the settings are completed, now we use the second Scheduler method to start BetMonster!, check the enable option under the Scheduler tab, and then BetMonster! will run automatically.

Update BetMonster!

When new version available, you will get notification that new BetMonster! version is available and can be updated without restarting ZennoBox as below:

Or you also can restart BetMonster! and then you will directly get the newest version BetMonster! to enjoy!


If successfully placed a bet, you will see a green labled text with "BetMonster!", like this:
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